Constantly Praising!


Yesterday was marvelous as we in Use Offot congregation here in Nigeria sang songs of praises to appreciate and thank God for your very successful fund raisers of last Sunday. A visiting song teacher who came yesterday remarked that everybody was so happy about the success story so the good songs so selected and rendered gave God the glory. About 2hours was devoted for the songs. We also prayed for you, elders and other persons who from inception has contributed to the success of the program.

Thereafter the committee had a meeting that lasted over 2 hours and from there we went to inspect another land since the one we saw had since been sold out by the owner. After the inspection, the 7 of us unanimously agreed that we should pay for it immediately so that the man will not sell it like the other one did. Today we have contacted a lawyer to put up a power of attorney. We shall part-pay him and complete the balance thereafter. For that reason, we have suspended the proposed procurement of tools in order to buy the land first. When money is sent to us we shall start buying starter packs. We re-fix September to give out the tools to trainees.

On request by one congregation near a creek "Obio Usiere" very far away from here and near a river, we had decided to visit them on 3rd Sunday of June by God's grace. We shall leave here by to worship there. After that we shall evangelize the area then visit a family of a widow whose husband (we are informed), suffered so much to get the congregation established there some years ago. We shall thereafter to return by night. Some photos will be sent to you if possible.

1st Sunday of July had been fixed by the committee in consultation with the church to donate food stuff as usual for sharing to orphans and widows in our congregation.

Two former trainees Sis Nkoyo(photo no. 68) and Sis Ndaeminti( photo no.76 have put to birth. Ndaeminti also gained admission into a university to study English language. Her husband is the one to sponsor her and since it is a part time program she will be sewing in her workshop after coming back from lectures. We shall send photos any time they visit us.

These are some of the photos that a brother in the congregation too yesterday during our worship.

Thank you and may His continued blessings be yours in Jesus name.

Your brother in Christ,