One of our shepherds, Greg Rose, reminds us of the importance of marriage.

We don't like to talk about evil, but we have to acknowledge that it is real.

If we want God to forgive us, we have to be committed to forgiving others.

We need God every day.

The Kingdom of God is what happens when we do God's will.

Chris talks about what it means to keep God's name holy.

God is our Father and Heaven is our home.

Robert begins a series on The Lord's Prayer.

God gives us the ninth commandment because he wants us to be trustworthy.

God gives the eighth commandment because he wants us to value our neighbors possessions as if they were ours.

Chris Langley talks about the importance of having a home that honors God.

God gives the seventh commandment because he wants us to faithful to our marriage vows.

God gives the sixth commandment because he wants us to love our neighbors as ourselves.

God gives the fifth commandment because he wants us to care for our aging parents.

Our youth minister, Chris Langley, recaps a week where our teens served others.

While Robert is gone, our elders team up to speak to the congregation.

God gives the fourth commandment because he wants us to rest.

God gives the third commandment because he doesn't want us to misuse his name.

God gives the second commandment because he doesn't want us to put our trust in anything but Him.

God gives the first commandment because He loves us and and wants us to love only Him.

The Ten Commandments are more than just a set of rules. They exist because God has claimed us as His.

Chris talks about a passage where Jesus reminds us of the importance of constant prayer.

Children don't just learn about Jesus by going to a class, they also learn by serving alongside their parents.

Robert discusses the various stages of faith development in children.

How to have Spiritual conversations with your children.

While parents are primarily responsible for teaching their children to follow Jesus, the entire church has a vital part to play.

Chris introduces a new initiative in which we challenge our church to pray regularly at home.

Robert talks about how our marriages shape the faith of our children.

Robert interviews Chris about Faith@Home, a ministry that equips families to help their children grown. Then Robert talks about the importance of making plans for the spiritual life of our children.

We update the congregation on a ministry that provides financial aid, medical assistance, and job training to widows and orphans in Nigeria.

Robert talks about what Jesus means when he says that God "desires mercy, not sacrifice."

At Mary and Martha's house, Jesus teaches us the importance of stopping to spend time with God.

Jesus' healing of a demon-possessed man teaches about the kind of Kingdom God is creating.

Chris shows us how people in the Bible are always changed by their encounters with Jesus.

We conclude this series by seeing what happens when Jesus encounters God.

When Mary runs into God, she is asked to courageously step out in faith.

When Isaiah runs into God, it isn't a pleasant experience, but it's a good one.

Our teens share highlights from their trip to Winterfest, a youth rally in Gatlinburg, TN.