Military Ministry

Deacon: Tim McGuire

We’re located just a few miles from the largest naval installation in the world. If the military is bringing you to Hampton Roads, you’ll find a church family that is familiar with Military life and is dedicated to serving you and helping you serve others.

Care Packages: Just because you deploy doesn’t mean you stop being part of the Norfolk family. We regularly send packages to those on deployment. They include goodies to eat, letters of encouragement, and our Sunday morning services on disc.

Liberty Call: Yes, we love our kids. But sometimes we need to get away. Liberty Call is a chance to do that. We’ll provide the childcare, you decide what you’re going to do–go to dinner & a movie, go shopping, clean the house, take a nap–the choice is yours.

Amen Ministries – A ministry to Christians in the U.S. Military. The military is always on the move so when you are in need of finding a church in the area you are going to, the AMEN Mininstry is there to help.