Robert talks about why Christmas is Good News worthy of celebration.

Christians talk a lot about Heaven? But what does the Bible actually say about it?

Robert and Chris are out of town. Three members deliver their own brief message.

Christians use the word “lost” to describe a person. What does it mean to be lost?

“Submit” is a difficult word in our culture. What does the Bible mean when it talks about submission?

Robert talks about the word “pride.” Is it good or is it bad? What does the Bible say?

Robert talks about the word “church.” What is the church?

Robert talks about the word “sin.” What does it mean to sin?

Robert talks about the word “holy.” What does it mean to be holy?

Robert talks about the word “salvation.” What does it mean to be saved?

Robert begins a new series where he talks about words that Christians use so frequently, we stop thinking about what they mean.

Chris talks about a week of camp where the teens serve as counselors for our community. Kareem Frazier talks about his summer in Honduras.

Chris talks about Katie Langley's life verse, Hebrews 11:1.

Robert talks about Stephanie Riley's life verse, Ephesians 1:3-6.

Robert talks about Greg Rose's life verse, Psalm 51:10.

Chris begins a new series by talking about his life verse. A verse of the bible that means a lot to him.

Robert concludes his series on the Sermon on the Mount by talking about the difference between just hearing Jesus' words and putting them into practice.

Robert warns against the dangers of coasting through our spiritual lives.

Chris talks about one of the most famous passages of the Bible. Before we can judge others, we have to judge ourselves.

In a world filled with anxiety, Jesus wants us to live with faith.

Jesus is concerned with doing the right thing, but he's concerned with doing it for the right reasons.

Jesus believed in keeping the ten commandments, but he was concerned with more than just keeping the rules.

Chris talks about Jesus' words about being salt and light in our world.

Robert begins a series on Jesus' biggest sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, by talking about a famous set of blessings from Jesus.

We update you on our ministry to widows and orphans in Nigeria.

In sharing your faith, it helps to have a simple way of telling the story of Jesus.

Jesus shares his faith by talking about his relationship with God and his own experience.

Jesus passes on his faith by simply sharing his life with them and by loving them. No matter what.

Jesus passes on his faith by inviting his followers to do what he does.

How does Jesus pass on his faith? He makes people feel welcomed.

How does Jesus pass on his faith? One way is by inviting people to come and see what he does.

Chris reminds us that the Great Commission is about more than just making people believe something.

The Great Commission ends with a wonderful promise to us, that we will not be alone when we serve Jesus.

Robert talks about the importance of baptism to the Great Commission.

Robert looks at part of the Great Commission (Matthew  28:16-20).

Robert and Keith present the 2018 theme as part of Challenge Sunday.

Chris Langley reminds us that Fellowship is about more than just getting together, it serves an important purpose.

What is the point of worship? Is it for God or for us? What do we get out of it. Robert shows part of this video toward the end of his message.

Robert talks about the importance of Bible reading and why the Bible still matters today. To see the video he showed, click here.