The Biggest Loser

Rachel finally had a chance to watch this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser last night.  I acted like I wasn’t watching it, but I was.  If you are inclined to watch it and you haven’t yet, go do so and then come back, because there are some big-time spoilers ahead.

This week was Sean Algaier’s swan song.  He and his partner, Antoine, fell prey to some truly “Survivor”-style game play by one of the other contestants.  It would be easy to vilify her, but I think she’s got real issues.  (At least that’s the way the show’s editing makes it look.)  Some of you will remember that Sean and the rest of the worship group, “Watershed,” performed at NCOC some time ago, so I was rooting for him, and I was sorry to see him leave.

But if anyone had to go out like that, I’m glad it was him.  He and Antoine basically sacrificed themselves and asked to be sent home rather than another contestant.  The way it works is the show sends them home, but provides a personal trainer so that they can keep working and then come back for the live finale sometime around the holidays.  S & A argued that they would stand a better chance than this other contestant, because they both had a good support network at home.  It appears that they were right, because they both look great.  If I remember right, Sean’s already lost over 100 lbs.

Sean acted like we would hope a Christian would act.  After being thrown under the bus by this other contestant, he and his partner took care of someone else rather than look after their own interests.  And THEN, Sean was able to treat this person who had essentially caused his elimination with decency and compassion.

You know me, and you know I’m not one to rail against the biases of “our liberal media.”  But I can’t help but wonder if anyone will comment on the fact that a self-confessed Christian managed to go on a “reality” show and actually behave like a follower of Jesus.   We sure hear about it when they’re jerks.  And, unfortunately, they sometimes are.

But no matter.  It was nice to see someone go on the Biggest Loser and act like “The Biggest Loser.”