A Brief Follow-up and a Briefer Taunt

First for the follow up:

More than one person has said that Sunday's message got them to thinking.  It also got them talking with each other.  That's about the best thing I could hope for in a sermon.  The egotistical side of me also hopes that you think I'm brilliant, but I'm learning to let that go.

What I hope for is a message that stays with you and makes you want to talk about it with others.  I'd love for you to talk about it with me if you want.  I've said this before: My big problem with the idea of preaching is that it's such a one-way enterprise.  It's necessary and important and there are people who are really good at that kind of communication.  But I still prefer teaching, because dialogue is possible.

My other problem with preaching is that it pushes me to be simple rather than complex.  There's something to be said for simplicity and clarity.  But it's harder for me.  I prefer being able to talk to both sides of the issue.

All that to say, I realize that the way God is working in our world can't be reduced to one analogy (card game, GPS, or anything else).  God works in a bunch of different ways.  I further realize that "why" isn't always a bad question to ask.  I just think it's important to ask the "what" question alongside it.

Now for the taunt:

You probably won't hear much from me between now and the end of the month.  Most of you know that we're leaving tomorrow on a Caribbean cruise.  I'll be much too busy snorkeling, swimming, eating, drinking, playing, sightseeing, reading, shuffleboarding, etc.  All of that leisure is not to be taken lightly and will thus demand my utmost attention.

I will miss being with you this Sunday, but not enough to cancel the cruise.  See you on the 31st.