Kris, Adam, and American Idol

A month or so ago, when Kris Allen, "shocked" (I use quotes here, b/c a number of people, including my wife, predicted that he would win), the world by winning American Idol, someone suggested that I do a blog entry about the cultural implications of the Kris Allen/Adam Lambert showdown.

For those of you who don't know, Kris is as "aw, shucks" wholesome as they come.  Raised in Conway, Arkansas, Allen is not afraid to be vocal about his faith.  Adam, on the other hand is "fab-yoo-lous."  And you know what I mean when I say that.

I thought about it, but then got distracted.  Then yesterday Mike Cope linked to a wonderful (but looong) essay on Allen and Lambert's rivalry and, more, their relationship.  When you have time, give it a read.  I was telling someone last night that good writing always makes me a little jealous, because I find myself thinking, "Why didn't I write that?"  I was really jealous of this piece.

If you want to skip some of it, you might pick up with the paragraph that begins, "Countless commentators wanted the Idol competition to be about more than just singing."

Let me know what you think.