God vs. Science?

I was raised in an "either/or" world.  And while that may sometimes be helpful, it often is not.  I’ve found that I’m often better served taking a "both/and" approach.  That is certainly the case when it comes to science and faith.

Seems like most of the current dialogue shouting match sees the whole thing as Science vs. Faith.  That’s because of the attitudes of people on both sides of the issue.  There’s a take no prisoners kind of spirit that sees the whole thing as a battlefield.

But what if, instead of pitting one against the other, we could let each have its own domain—domains that occasionally overlap?  This week Mike Cope linked to an Op-Ed piece in USA Today that was written by two men who are Scientists and Christians.  It’s a wonderful and inspiring read.  I can’t help but quote from the opening paragraph:
We’re scientists and Christians. Our message to the faithful: Fear not.

A good reminder, since fear seems to be what drives most discussions fracases today over all sorts of topics: religion, politics, etc.  You can find the Op-Ed by clicking here.

Have a good weekend.  How about resting some with your families?