Clean people are less judgmental.
Judgmental, prejudiced and biased individuals make far-reaching pronouncements based on limited information.

The same voice with which we judge others we often use on ourselves.
Again, I’m not talking about honest appraisal.
I’m talking about he out of control, ill-informed, disproportionate way we make assumptions and exclude others.
The way we feel about a person when we’re doing it.
Do we feel sympathy or not?
Do we wish for something better for them, or do we wish for their downfall?
Are we disappointed when they turn things around?

You can often tell by the way a person responds.
People respond to judgmentalism by entrenching further.
The respond to care by trying to change.

If we can let go of the need to be judgmental.
That’s when we actually can challenge each other.

Judgment isolates.
Judgment obscures.
Judgment makes us feel good.
Judgment is often shared with others.

Always making judgments.
We’re always comparing us against them.
We judge parenting.
We judge eating habits.
We judge what movies we watch.
So easy to for it to become about us.

What do you do when everyone is cheating.
Be not angry that you cannot make others as you want them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be. —Thomas à Kempis
They who are conscious of their own sins have no eyes for the sins of their neighbors.—Abbot Moses

And he’s a judgmental little cuss.
He walks around with a measuring tape.
And he applies to everything and everyone.
A raisin in the sun: Always something left to love.
• When you measure someone measure them right.
• Judgment doesn’t measure anything right.
• It doesn’t measure other people right.
• It doesn’t measure us right against them.
Judgment forgets what it’s like to be lacking.
Judgment forgets what it feels like to know that you fall short.
How big is a sinful house?
Bank snubs millionaire based on appearance.
Cheater who cheated himself
Hold your judgment (buying cake with food stamps)
Jonah as an example
Good and bad behavior

Have mercy on me a sinner.