On June 22, 2007, a hit-and-run incident left Daniel McConchie paralyzed from the waist down. Daniel says that since that traumatic day, "God has not healed my affliction, but he has taught me the power of lamenting to him about it." He adds:


To our detriment, one of the most overlooked portions of Scripture in modern-day America are the psalms of lament. However, David repeatedly demonstrated that laments make obvious our intense faith in God, that he can and will intervene in our time of need. They demonstrate just how deep our relationship with the Father really is. After all, we don't communicate our grief and mourning to strangers. We save that for those we truly know and love.


Oh Lord, my God! Why do you wait to show up?

I cried out to you when trouble struck.

I asked for your restoration.

I know that you heard me. I know that you answered.


Yet nothing--nothing of meaning happens again today.

Infinitesimal changes dog my days.

I am hounded by the prayers of the fickle

Looking to me to prove their faith…


What a two-edged sword your voice is!
You speak. And then wait?
You give hope. And then vanish into the mist?
Have you forgotten me? Have more important things arrested your attention?


Please slay me! Blot my name from the ranks of the living!
For in the grave can I finally rest.
My wife can have her dreams again;
My children a father who can provide as I should.


If it makes it you feel better, he has a final statement of faith and hope at the end of all this brutal honesty with God.  But say what you want to about him, he isn’t flinching.  It may not be easy to read, but the man is moving closer to God not farther away.


The point is that faith can flourish even in the midst of doubt.  This Sunday we’re going to see that Abraham is allowed to express his doubts with God.  The patriarch who is known for his faith is still allowed to challenge God. Because honest anger is usually better than apathetic distance.




All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because,


         “God opposes the proud
    but shows favor to the humble.”


Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.     (1 Peter 5)