The Light Shines


When your kids are little, there is no such thing as a temporary habit.  Case in point—the snack that I send into preschool with my daughter has to be in a plain paper sack with her name and the date written on it.  I’m not exactly sure why we have to commit this environmental malfeasance.  I think it’s required by some state agency wanting to ensure the parents are responsible for the suitability of their own children’s snacks.


So every day I put a snack and a juice box in a paper sack and write Ruth’s name and the date on it.  But there’s more.  Somewhere along the way I started drawing pictures on the bag.  It started simply, but has since evolved into a daily Google Image search for something new to draw—some new favorite cartoon character or holiday themed picture. I’ll admit that it’s overkill.  I’ll also admit that I enjoy it as much as she does.  Drawing is one of those hobbies you think you’re supposed to give up when you become an “adult,” so I’ve come to enjoy my daily 5-10 minute sketch sessions.


I’m always on the lookout for a theme with a lot of material.  Easter has been a gold mine.  Last week was all secular Easter stuff: bunnies, ducks, baby chicks, eggs and any combination thereof.  This week I’ve been drawing pictures from the “Easter Story” in the Bible—Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey, Jesus washing someone’s feet, three crosses and, of course, an empty tomb.


I’ve been surprised how this simple little practice has helped me think about Jesus all week long.  Plus it’s a nice way to talk with Ruthie about all the Bible stories that the pictures represent.  And she knows the stories.  I am so thankful for all the many wonderful teachers at NCOC who have taught her so well.


I hope you’ve had something that has reminded you that, for many, this is more than just a normal week. I understand not everyone in our fellowship is comfortable celebrating Easter, and I understand that.  But if you do, I hope you have had some opportunity to revisit the simple Gospel story of Jesus’ ministry, betrayal, execution, and (most importantly by far) his resurrection.


That’s what we’re going to be doing this Sunday—celebrating the basic truth that Jesus Christ is risen.  Good news.  The best news.