God Work

I'm reading a book by Randy Harris called God Work.  Now a professor at ACU, he was at Lipscomb when I was there.  In fact, Rachel and I met in one of his classes.  The book reads like a "Greatest Hits."  Some of the things in the book I remember him saying in class.  The rest I can hear him saying.  I would imagine anyone who's had him can hear that Harris style coming through. We might be reading this book together on Wednesday nights some time soon.  But don't wait for that.  Go ahead and order it. I will probably be sharing quotes from this book on and off.  Let me start with this one:
Hans Georg-Gadamer somewhere said "Conversation is not me trying to convince you to my point of view or you trying to convince me to yours.  It's both of us trying to be convinced by a third thing, which is, the truth."  I'm not tying to win you over, and you're not trying to win me over.  We're both trying to be won over by the truth which can happen when we take a humble position before God and the truth and which tends to make our conversations go so much better.
What do you think?  Leave a comment.  I've got something to say about it, but I want to hear from you first.  Have a good weekend.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.  We'll be talking about Romans 8:28.