Steven Curtis Chapman Interview

Man. How does 2 months go by without a post? (Not including bulletin articles, that is. Thanks, Ray.) And what could possibly draw me out of my hibernation? This interview with Steven Curtis Chapman, his wife, Mary Beth, and their oldest three children. As you no doubt remember, Steven's and Mary Beth's youngest daughter was killed in an accident back in May. One of their sons, Will Franklin, was pulling into the drive way when five year old Maria ran in front the car. This interview appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday, 08/06. Go get yourself a box of tissues and have a look. I know I have a reputation for making folks cry, but I'm not just trying to get you all worked up here. I am in awe. I am in awe of how this family is courageously grieving this unimaginable loss. I am in awe of a dad who could have the presence of mind to show such Amazing Grace to his son, even in the early moments of this tragedy. I am in awe of these parents and kids who are finding a way to grieve and how yet how their faith remains intact. I don't know if I would be that strong. I don't ever want to find out. When you have ten minutes or so, go watch it by clicking here and then leave a comment below. Astounding.