The "Talk"

I know, I know.  It’s been a long time.  It usually takes something particularly interesting to draw me back in. This time it was because I wanted to direct you to this recent article on Time’s website about having “the talk” with our kids.  One of the things I appreciate about the article is that it actually encourages having multiple “talks” rather than just one, each one being age/situation appropriate. I also wonder about having “the talk” in Christian households.  How is it different? How can we speak about sex with our children in a way that is open and honest and reflective of our faith? Anybody out there who has more experience than I do, feel free to jump in.  Both of our boys have shown some curiosity about "where babies come from," but were satisfied with the most cursory of answers.  This article makes me think we will be dealing with this sooner rather than later.  What about you?

A Parent, Not a Buddy

Been a little while.  I just wanted to direct your attention to Mike Cope's recent entry about being brave enough to be a parent who sets boundaries for their kids rather than trying to please them all the time.  Click here to read it. One of the readers calls it:
...true encouragement, the actual pouring of encouragement into the heart of another at the point of need.
Yes it is.  Hope to see as many of you as possible for dinner & Bible study tonight.