I am Second

I believe this weekend marks the 104th installment of the Red River Shootout.  (I refuse to call it the Red River Rivalry, just because AT&T is sponsoring it.)  For many of you that means nothing.  That’s because: A) You don’t watch college football.  B) You’re not from Texas or Oklahoma. The Red River Shootout is the annual football game between the University of Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma University Sooners.  It’s almost always a huge game, because one or both teams are usually in the National Championship picture.  The game takes place every year at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas during the Texas State Fair.  If you’re a college football fan, this game is one that should make your bucket list. This year the starting quarterbacks are Colt McCoy for the Longhorns and Sam Bradford for the Sooners.  Both have been talked about as HeismanTrophy contenders (though Bradford’s chances have been diminished some by an early season shoulder injury.)  Both really want to win this game.  Both must be incredibly competitive to play a sport on this level. But there is one thing they can agree on.  Check out the video below.  It was posted on Facebook by the Christian Chronicle.  When you’re done watching the video, you can go read an interview with Colt McCoy at the Chronicle website.  He attends a Church of Christ in Austin.