Become the teacher...


A message from brother Akpaba,

To God be the glory that we successfully completed the exercise yesterday. A total of 16 persons came in for the interview. They were accompanied by either their ministers, church secretaries or guardians. We started interacting with them shortly after worship at noon but finally closed at about 4.00pm in the evening.

We selected eight (8) of them for this year’s training. Out of this number, I have personally decided to pick up two (2) of them to fully train and also equip. I do this in showing just a little appreciation my God for always answering my prayers, strengthening my faith in Him and blessing me wonderfully. A sister in this congregation in her text message to me last night has promised to train and also equip one of them. Her message reads “Happy Lord’s day brother. I want to thank you for your prayers and that of the church for my mum. I want to task myself again by training and equipping one of the orphans”. This family did that some years ago and am hopeful that they will do it again.

The remaining five (5) of them will therefore be trained by AtMyGate programme. We announced to them yesterday and also wrote in the letters sent through them to their congregations that training starts immediately this week.

Attached herewith are some photographs that were taken right there. As usual, I will send their names and pasted passport photos to you soon.

We remain sincerely grateful to Norfolk Church of Christ for impacting so positively in the lives of these orphans and widows in this country – Nigeria.

You will all be rewarded.

Bro Akpaba.