Free Backpacks

H/t to Ray Stiff for forwarding this.  You or someone you know may be eligible for free school supplies and backpacks.   Follow the link below to register:
Military families of E-1 through E-6  ONLY  are encouraged to sign up for
free backpacks and back-to-school supplies which will be distributed before
school begins, this year.  Registration is limited to the amount of
backpacks and supplies donated and the registration is open from now until
all slots are filled.  Families with the greatest need have priority.
Military ID cards showing rank of E-1 through E-6 must be presented by
families at their pick up.

This program has been made possible through kind donations from all branches
of the military, as well as corporate and private donors throughout the
Hampton Roads area.  Please go to:
to sign up for backpacks.