Heresy in the Home

And from my 3 year old son, nonetheless.

The other day I was straightening up the bathroom when he came in and said, "Dad, did you know that there are TWO Gods?!"

"Really?" I said.  (As I began a surreptitious search for something with which to stone my wicked, heretical son in accordance with Leviticus.  Can you stone someone with a bottle of Johnson & Johnson's Lavender Baby wash?  That would be ironic considering its claim to be "No tears.")

"Yeah," he said, "There's a Big one in the sky..." (He said this with his hands spread wide apart and standing on tip toes.  Then he made himself really small and brought his thumb and index finger close together)"...And there's a little one in my heart."

Touché.  It appears someone has been paying attention at church and then filling in the gaps for himself.  That makes him a theologian.