Everything We Need

A few years ago, when I had my appendix removed, it was nice to receive such wonderful treatment from all of the healthcare providers. I think they would have been wonderful anyway, but it didn't hurt that it was the hospital where Rachel was doing her residency.

After all the tests came back and it was determined that I would, in fact, need an appendectomy, one of the nurses warned me about the surgeon who would be operating on me. She cautioned that he wasn't the friendliest of people. To which I said, "That's okay. I'm not looking for a buddy, I'm looking for a surgeon."

I was reminded of that when I ran across Pastor Bruce McIver's account of undergoing open heart surgery. He talks about his interaction with the surgeon before and after the operation. He got one word out of him in pre-operative consultation. McIver anxiously asked if the Dr. would be able to fix his heart. His surgeon said, "Sure," and walked away.

After the 12-hour procedure, McIver was concerned that his clogged arteries had effected his blood supply, so he asked his surgeon, "How much blood supply do I have now?" The doctor simply replied before leaving, "All you'll ever need."

Finally, before he was discharged, McIver's wife asked him, "What about my husband's future quality of life?" At that, the surgeon paused and said, "I fixed his heart; the quality of his life is up to him." What he was saying is, I've given him everything he needs to continue having a life, now he must decide whether he wants to have one.

This morning we're going to hearing a story where Jesus provides his followers with everything they need, and then some. He gives it to his followers and, in turn, expects them to give to others. Lots of others. He keeps giving, and his disciples keep giving, and in the end there is more than anyone could possibly hope for.

What Jesus is giving is food. But I think the food in the story represents all the good things that come from God—all the blessings that he pours out on us his children. But just like the surgeon did for McIver. And just Jesus does for his disciples. God gives us a lot. What we decide to do with it is up to us.

I hope that you're ready for a reminder of how much God has blessed us this morning. I hope you'll see it, rejoice, and then leave ready to spread the wealth.