The story of Esther shows us a woman who does the will of God without directly hearing from Him.

Chris Langley talks about a recent mission trip to Honduras.

In the Jonah story, we find out that God has mercy on everyone, even people we don't like.

Abraham is known for his faith. He is willing to follow God without knowing how it will turn out.

Guest speaker John Langley shares wisdom from the story of Joseph.

Chris talks about the importance of confession and prayer for one another.

We are hear to teach one another--to remind one another--of the Good News about Jesus.

People do better when they have someone encouraging them to do good things. This sermon accompanies At My Gate Sunday, dedicated to a ministry to orphans and widows in Nigeria.

For lots of reasons, "submit" is a word with a bad reputation. But when we submit to one another, we end up acting like Jesus.

Why coming to church actually matters.

Christians must forgive one another just as God has forgiven them.

Christians must gently restore one another to faith when they've lost their way.

Christians must build one another up rather than tear one another down.

Christians must make one another feel welcome.

Every Christian is called to proclaim the Good News about Jesus.

Every Christian is called to continue growing in Christ.

God wants to transform us into to people who act like Christ. This starts at baptism.

The New Year is a time for remembering what's important. Robert reminds us that nothing is more important than our soul.

Elder Keith Cuthrell begins the year with a message about the importance of loving our neighbors.